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Dawn Warren-1

I was describing my experience as a student in Kerry Herta’s classes to a friend of mine the other day and I found myself using words like makeup wizard, fire-ball, painterly, magical den mother, uber-mentor, and indeed Kerry is all these things and more.

As a student in her classes,  she kicked my booty to see more, pay attention, work harder, and go that extra step until the particular project I was working on in class would become more than I expected of it. I have taken some hard-core makeup skills away from Kerry’s classes, but most importantly a growing confidence in my own abilities to figure stuff out on the fly, which is a very good thing to be able to do when working on projects. Kerry took the time to connect with each of us one-on-one; not only answering questions and giving hands-on instruction, but encouraging us.

I came away believing in myself more than ever. And the coolest thing about Kerry is that the teaching and encouragement doesn’t end with our class hours. I have been able to reach out to her for questions and advice about projects I have taken on outside of class, including how to do a  bald cap on an actress with lots of hair. Kerry is truly passionate about her work, the makeup industry, and teaching. I know she genuinely wants to pass on her skills to others; she is so generous of spirit and fun to be around that I never wanted the classes to end. She is top of the line, and I would recommend  her classes to anyone who really wants to step up their game. I had done months of research into finding the “right” makeup instruction for me.

I am a mid-life job changer and I am very serious about this next step in my evolution, and I am so thankful that I chose Kerry and Colour Box Makeup Studios as my training ground. I learned so much in one week, and the teaching was so thorough that my retention of the things I learned is very high. I don't come from a beauty background, but from the theater, and although I had taken theatrical makeup in college and had done a little modeling in my teenage years I didn’t know the first thing about how to create makeup and hair styling for professional projects and now I do. I have taken four classes from Colour Box Makeup so far: Makeup Artist Boot Camp, Airbrush Seminar, Beginning Hairstyling for the Makeup Artist, and Hairstyling for Fashion  & Film.

The makeup classes were all taught by Kerry herself, not a teaching assistant, and she provided top-of-the-line products for our classes. The hair classes have been taught by two extremely talented hairstylists, who have also worked in the film/TV/fashion industries for years and were equally great. Once we learned the basics of hygiene, application processes, and about products and tools of the trade, we spent most of our time actually doing the work on real live people, which is the best way to learn. I have been able to get work right out of the box on a film, I have a wedding booked, and I am working with a few local photographers on some other projects. 

If you are the type of person who really wants to get rolling on a professional makeup career as quickly as possible or are already doing the work but want to improve your skills, I can’t recommend Kerry Herta and Colour Box Makeup Studios highly enough.

D. Loraine Warren
Makeup Artist

Colour Box Alum Lori Young

I took the Seattle Boot Camp in 2009. It was very thorough and comprehensive - touching on many aspects of the industry, from different makeup techniques to the business side of being a professional makeup artist. Kerry packs a lot of information and instruction into each day and makes each lesson interesting and fun. Since the classes are small, she gives a lot of individual attention. Kerry is very professional, organized and warm in her approach to teaching. The workshop is a great investment, not only for a beginner entering the field of makeup artistry, but also experienced artists looking to take their careers to the next level. I was so inspired by the course and empowered by what I learned, that I’ve since moved to L.A. enter the world of TV and print. ~ Lori Young Makeup Artist

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As a producer and board member for the Iowa Motion Picture Association, I want to keep abreast of innovations and changes in the motion picture industry. When I saw that Boot Camp I & II teaches everything from the basics of makeup application to the tools and cosmetic techniques needed for HD cameras, I signed up for the training.Ms. Herta is a true professional. From the minute she started instruction, we were drawn in by her passion, knowledge, technical expertise and ability. The knowledge we gained was broad based and pertained to all aspects of the film industry. We learned about set protocol, etiquette and ethics. All of these are vital to a successful experience as a crew member. More specifically, we learned makeup application that crossed a broad spectrum of scenarios. Ms. Herta is a master makeup artist and hands-on instructor. Her classes are not only informative, they are fun. She makes magic through makeup and wants to share her hard-earned knowledge with those who have a desire to succeed.  ~ Jolene Pfaff Producer


Boot Camp II exceeded my expectations! As a seasoned makeup artist of 24 years, I was only needing to add Film Makeup to my repertoire. Kerry was selfless in her sharing of valuable information about the industry.  She covered a wide array of potential scenarios, not only by example but through hands-on opportunities.  ~ 
Sonya Doswell Makeup Artist

Angela Faro

I highly recommend Boot Camps I and II and the Airbrush Seminar, as well as any other classes or workshops offered by Colour Box, Kerry Herta or any other her associates. I learned so many tips and techniques and have grown so much as a makeup artist thanks to everything I learned in the Boot Camps. I can ‘t wait to take more classes. Please come back to Washington Kerry!
 Angela Faro Makeup Artist

Colour Box Alum Jessica Lathrop - Version 2

Kerry understands that students are spending money to be at her classes and she wants to be sure they are getting the most out of their education. That’s why she not only shares 100% of her knowledge, but also brings in hair and FX specialists who also at the top of their games. I will take ANY class that Colour Box offers and know many other past students who feel the same way. In fact, I usually see at least 2 or 3 familiar faces in every class I take of hers. I am so happy that I found Kerry and Colour Box. Without them, I truly believe I’d still be wishing I was a makeup artist, as opposed to actually being out there doing it. I am blessed to be able to call Kerry my mentor, but most of all, my friend.
Jessica Lathrop Makeup Artist

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